Wednesday, October 11, 2017

ArcaOS 5.0 on an Aspire One Computer

I have an Aspire One laptop computer. It is a small one. It is not the newest but I like it because it is small and easily transported. 
It looks somewhat like this one.

ReactOS is an open source clone of Windows by Microsoft. I tried installing ReactOS on it. It was not successful. The USB support is still being worked on. It did not get far. The optical drive I used was connected by USB. ReactOS is still in alpha. It is (at the time of this writing) at 0.4.6. I will check for each new release in hopes of it reaching a point where it can be installed via an USB connected optical drive (DVD re writable).

There is an open source free clone of  MS-DOS / PC-DOS called FreeDOS. I usually give it a try. It is an updated version of the older DOS. One can run the older DOS programs / games with it. I tried it on an older laptop and it installed (the laptop was a Win 8 one but it eventually failed). I decided not to use it on this one.

I tried and was able to install ArcaOS on it. It is nicknamed / code named 'blue lion'. It is by Arca Noae. It was easier to install than I expected. I installed it using an USB connected optical drive (DVD re writable). Normally one has a code to enter before one could install an operating system. This installation disc already had it as part of the installation software. I bought it online and downloaded the software. I 'burned' it to a DVD compact disc. It was installed quite easily. It detected and installed drivers for most of the hardware. The sound works. It detects the USB optical drive, USB mouse and flash drives. It has great audio and video.

It was not a perfect installation. It is installed and running but does not detect all of the hardware. It does not see the wifi port. Once it is working, I will be able to connect to my wifi router and my wireless printer. I am getting help for these problems at the forum of OS/2 World. The forum and site not only covers OS/2 Warp by IBM but also eComStation and ArcaOS. OS/2 World is an international site for all things Warp / eCS / ArcaOS.

Now to find software for the operating system. I believe it one can install software for OS/2 Warp, eComStation and ArcaOS. I will be trying different software for it and (hopefully) blogging about the results. Arca Noae (at their shop) also sells software for its operating system. 

I have found that Hobbes NMSU has a lot of software for OS/2 Warp, eCS and ArcaOS. It is free to download the software.

I will be trying different operating systems on different computers. 
I will blog on them when I do. 

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Monday, June 12, 2017

Shrimp and Scallops at Bob's Lobster

There is a seafood place in Newburyport MA called Bob's Lobster. It has a great view of the area around it. One can eat inside or outside; more seating outside than inside. The atmosphere is relaxed. One does not feel rushed. They have a variety of seafood options on their menu. One can also get it to go and one can just get the seafood so one can cook it at home. One can see the fresh seafood on their photo page. They even have ice cream.
Here is the outside of Bob's Lobster. It is easily seen either coming from or going to Plum Island.

Here is the outside eating area of Bob's Lobster. It has a nice view of the surrounding water ways. 

Here is the fried shrimp and scallops that I ordered. The batter isn't heavy. It wasn't greasy. It was really good. It comes with fries and Cole slaw. The fries were nice and crispy. The Cole slaw was good. The vinegar taste was not overpowering. It came with cocktail sauce and tartar sauce. There is ketchup at the table. 

a site about the big guy eating. 

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Thursday, June 8, 2017

ArcaOS - updated OS/2 - eCS

There is a new of OS/2 Warp and eComStation. It is called ArcaOS. It is by Arca Noae. It is now at version 5.0.

I have tried OS/2 Warp by IBM in the past. I really liked it. It does not seem to work on newer computers. I found it worked better than then current version of Windows (the newer versions of Windows works a lot better than the 3.1 for work groups since it is not running on MS-DOS).

I have tried eComStation. The last version I tried was the beta / 2.2. It worked great on older computers but had trouble installing on some of my newer computers.

I have bought and downloaded version 5.0 and will be trying it on my newer laptops. I have an USB optical drive for the newer laptops since they don't have one built in. There are screen shots at the site. There is a commentary section at the site. I have found some helpful information at OS/2 World.
It was called Blue Lion. I am hoping they keep the blue lion as a mascot. 

There is a site for a yearly meeting of OS/2 Warp, eComStation and ArcaOS users called Warpstock; in the USA / Canada. There is a Warpstock in Europe.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Spock or Kirk Blue Tooth Speaker? At Shop Star Trek?

I think this is really cool and really nerdy at the same time. It is also neat since I am a Trekkie. It is blue tooth speakers that are made to look like either Spock or Kirk from Star Trek. It is available at the online store at Star Trek web site.
Since this is Spock, I think this is cooler than Kirk. It is my preference.

This shows where the speaker really is.
While Spock is cooler than Kirk, they go well together. 

This shows where the speaker is on Kirk. It shows it connected to a phone. 

The Spock one is going on my wish list. 

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

TRON Car by Timur Bozca?

It is a concept vehicle but I am hoping there is a real world version of it that closely resembles this concept. I think it is very well done. 
I was doing a Google searching for a TRON car. This was one of the results. The first article was at This Is Why I Am Broke and the Timur Bozca - TRON car. 

I think this is really cool looking car. I think it could have been used in the movie TRON; first or second one. It goes quite well with the theme of the movie. 

Timur Bozca has some neat looking projects at their site.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Super Retro Gameboy?

New Atlas has an article - Party Like It's 1989; Super Retro Boy resurrects the Game Boy - is very informative.

I had a Nintendo Gameboy many years ago. It was a lot of fun. I had bought many accessories - screen magnifier, game cheat ad-on, speaker system etc - and an extra Gameboy. I had a large variety of games. I played some more than others. Some games were easier with cheat codes and the cheat code device. I had a bag to carry it all in. It came to a time where my eyes had trouble with the smaller screen. I gave it away many years ago.
It seems the Super Retro Gameboy recreates the original Gameboy; at least per the review. The person trying it indicated it was a prototype and the not the finished product. I look forward to seeing and trying it at the stores when it is released; per article in August for about $79.99. It seems even the price is retro. I like the look of it. I don't know if my eyes would be able to view the small well but it could be worth the nostalgia.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

FreeDOS; Free Open Source Operating System

With MS-DOS and PC-DOS no longer around, one would assume that one can no longer DOS programs. With FreeDOS, this is not true. FreeDOS is not only a clone of either but it has also been updated. It is free to download and share.
'FreeDOS is a complete, free, DOS-compatible operating system that you can use to play classic DOS games, run legacy business software, or develop embedded systems. Any program that works on MS-DOS should also run on FreeDOS.
It doesn’t cost anything to download and use FreeDOS. You can also share FreeDOS for others to enjoy! And you can view and edit our source code, because all FreeDOS programs are distributed under the GNU General Public License or a similar open source software license.'
(from the FreeDOS site).

I have installed it on older laptops. I was able to install where other operating systems would not install. I was able to install it with an USB optical drive and with the optical drive that was built into the laptop. I have downloaded and installed DOS games. 

It seems some newer laptops don't have optical drives but one can still buy an USB optical drive. The laptops that I have tried it on do have USB slots. I believe there is a trend where one can install from an USB flash drive. 

With FreeDOS, one can install and use older DOS games and software. There are still sites where one can find DOS games and software. Sites like Dos Games Archives, and Dos Games

As of 12/29/2016, the latest version is 1.2 and the latest news is 12/29/2016.